Retro Company That Believes In Ethics


Mission Statement

CountryDocMD is dedicated to provide all-natural products at an exceptional value improving the quality of life for our friends and neighbors... Uniquely formulated to work in concert with your prescription and non-prescription medications.

About the Company

CountryDocMD in many respects is a "retro" company. The values and ethics in which we believe takes us back to a simpler time... a time in which we believe a man's word truly was his bond; a handshake was more binding than any written contract; when truth didn't come in so many shades of gray and the town doctor was the person good hardworking people turned to when they needed help.

CountryDocMD continues that very legacy. The products we offer are the best we can make them and are supported by clinical studies supervised by the Doc himself, a fact that makes our company unique.

Many of our friends and neighbors need help in determining which products can aid them in accomplishment of their goals. Whether it is weight loss, pain concerns or dependency issues, Doc's products can help.

So often, as we strive to choose the right products for our specific needs, the vast numbers of product choices confuses us. What do they do? Will they work for me?

All of the products developed for CountryDocMD are designed to work in harmony with existing medications you may currently be taking. All of Doc's products are designed with balance in mind.

It is our hope our products will help make your life better... that you learn you can "Look to the Doc" for straight answers and products you can trust.


The Staff of CountryDocMD