Sports Enhancement Products

Korean Ginseng

Beneficial for athletic performance and aerobic capacity.

Neuro-Phane Plus

Contains precursor to enhance adrenal output.


It is the Body's natural muscle relaxant, "brain cooler" and nerve calmer. The neuro-transmission inhibitor allows the muscles to perform when they need to without the excess buildup of lactic acid. Inhibits injuries like pulled hamstrings, strained back and shoulder muscles. Works well in conjunction with Ache-Away


Improves joint health by balancing Glucosamine, MSM, Chondriotin and Boswellia Extract. Regular use of this compound will maintain and improve joint construction vital to long range success as an athlete, whether professional or just a "week-end" competitor.

DHEA Cream

A topical cream extremely effective help relieve pain in hands, feet, joints and muscles. It is great for the skin, contains Aloe Vera and has over thirty other special ingredients.