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  • Doc's Premium Skin Cream (4oz)....................$12.95
  • Doc's Premium Skin Cream is one of the richest compounds offered on the market today. It's loaded with premium Aloe Vera which is known to aid in the repair of damaged skin by promoting cellular healing. This exceptional cream contains approximately 40 % Aloe Vera but that's only the beginning!

    Why is Doc's Premium Skin Cream so good for my skin ?

    We have chosen only the finest extracts, natural oils, vitamins and minerals to be included in this remarkable product! Many of the ingredients formulated in this product have been used effectively for thousands of years by many cultures. For example, Native Americans used Comfrey as an anti-inflammatory specifically to improve rashes. They also used it along with Aloe Vera and Yucca Tincture for wound healing. The Chinese used Ginsing in much the same manner but expanded it to be used for many other purposes. With the advantages of history, current scientific research and clinical discovery, we offer a product unlike anything you have tried.

    How often can I use it?

    Simply, as often as you like. Everything included in Doc's Premium Skin Cream is very good for your skin. As you use this product, face, dry elbows, knees and feet become smooth and young looking again. Continued use will leave your skin soft and moist, not greasy...... natural...just the way you like it.

    It sounds great but how expensive is it ?

    We've worked very hard to offer it to you at a very affordable price! Just $12.95 for our striking 4 oz. cobalt blue squeeze bottle, convenient in your purse, glove box or medicine cabinet! Similar but lesser products are being sold for 21/2 times our price. We believe it will be difficult to find a better value anywhere!

    Where can I buy Doc's Premium Skin Cream ?

    You can purchase by clicking on the "Buy It" button above or call us toll free at 1-877-915-5442 or purchase it along with our other fine products.


    Aloe Vera gel, propylene glycol, glycerin. soluble collagen, and ginseng extract in a moisturizing base of proprietary minerals, herbal extracts, vitamins and natural oils to enhance utility.