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  • Purpose: Primarily used for Diabetes and Immune function. Secondarily it has been used for Athletic performance, Aerobic capacity, Alzheimer’s disease, Common cold/sore throat, Fibromyalgia, HIV support, Infections, Influenza (flu), and Stress.

    How it Works: Ginseng’s actions in the body are due to a complex interplay. The primary groups are the ginsenosides, which are believed to increase energy, counter the effects of stress, and enhance intellectual and physical performance. Thirteen ginsenosides have been identified in Asian ginseng. Ginsenosides Rg1 and Rb1 have received the most attention. Other constituents include the panaxans, which help lower blood sugar, and the polysaccharides (complex sugar molecules), which support immune function. Long-term intake may be linked to a reduced risk of cancer. A double blind study has confirmed Asian ginseng’s blood sugar lowering effects in patients with adult diabetes. Human studies have mostly failed to confirm the purported benefit of Asian ginseng for the enhancement of athletic performance. Some studies suggest it may help those in poor physical condition tolerate exercise better. It does appear to effectively reduce fatigue in double blind studies. A double blind study has confirmed it is helpful for relief of fatigue and possible stress.

    Dosage: Suggested use: Take 1 capsule a day with cold, clear fluids on an empty stomach. Ginseng is usually used for two to three weeks continuously, followed by a one to two week “rest” period before resuming.

    Side Effects: Used in the recommended amounts, ginseng is generally safe. In rare instances, it may cause overstimulation and possibly insomnia. Consuming caffeine with ginseng increases the risk of over-stimulation and gastrointestinal upset. Persons with uncontrolled high blood pressure should not use ginseng. Long-term use of ginseng may cause menstrual abnormalities and breast tenderness in some women. Ginseng is not recommended for pregnant or
    lactating women.

    Traditional Uses: Asian ginseng has been a part of Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. The first reference to the health-enhancing use of Asian ginseng dates to the first century AD, in which the writer mentions ginseng’s use as follows: “It is used for repairing the five viscera, quieting the spirit, curbing the emotion, stopping agitation, removing noxious influence, brightening the eyes, enlightening the mind and increasing wisdom. Continuous use leads one to longevity with light weight.” Ginseng was commonly used by elderly persons in the Orient to improve mental and physical vitality.

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    Other Ingredients: Cellulose, gelatin, and magnesium sterate.