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Fat Metabolizer Plus like most of country Doc MD's products are carefully balanced for maximum effectiveness while providing an exceptional value. It puts compounds together that aid in the metabolism of fat into energy and much more. When used with a sensible diet and exercise program, you can expect results! There are also no known negative side effects with the use of this product and will not interfere with existing mediciation you may be taking.

What do the individual compounds in Fat Metabolizer Do?

Fat Metabolizer Plus contains three key components; L-Carnitine, Vanadyl sulfate and Vitamin B-6.

L-Carnitine is made in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It is not an amino acid in the strict sense as it is not used as a neurotransmitter or in protein synthesis. However, it bears many resemblances to amino acids and is usually grouped under this heading. L-Carnitine (the "L" refers to its chemical polarity) is used by the body to transport long chain fatty acids to the mitochondria in your cells, where it is burned for energy. It is needed to release energy from fat. Since this fat burning is such a major source of muscular energy, deficiencies in carnitine are manifested as low energy levels and muscular weakness. They can also appear as mental confusion or cloudiness, angina (heart pain) and weight gain.

Research shows that individuals who supplement with carnitine while engaging in an exercise regimen are less likely to experience muscle soreness.Carnitine's effect on energy release helps build muscle and improve athletic performance when used as an adjunct to an exercise program.

Putting it all together, carnitine emerges as a great supplement: it increases energy, burns fat (making it an excellent addition to a weight-loss program), and improves heart and liver health all at the same time!

Vanadyl Sulfate contains vanadium and sulfur atoms combined into molecules. It has insulin-like effects on glucose metabolism, influences insulin levels, increases the rate of metabolism, so calories are burned more quickly and as a result, muscle cells show increased intake of glucose, amino acids and insulin. Muscles then increase tissue formation and retention. Less protein from muscles is available for fuel, so the body turns to fat for fuel. As the metabolic rate increases, the muscles' sensitivity to Vanadyl appears to increase. Glycogen production is increased in muscle and liver cells. The result: less fat, more muscle, and more endurance.

Recent research shows that Vanadyl sulfate has also been shown to lower high blood pressure in rats, as a result of the reduction in excess insulin. Vanadyl Sulfate is likely to be beneficial for diabetes melitis.Vanadyl Sulfate maintained the normal levels of glucose, lipids, creatinine, and thyroid hormone. It also corrected abnormalities in heart function and in glycerol output from adipose tissue.

Vitamin B6 is the master vitamin in the processing of amino acids and is the building blocks of all proteins and some hormones. Vitamin B6 helps to make and take apart many amino acids and is also needed to make serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine.

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