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Chromium Picolinate synthesizes cholesterol, fats and proteins. It also maintains blood sugar levels through proper insulin, curbs appetite and raises your metabolism. Chromium may be helpful in the treatment of decreased glucose tolerance, arteriosclerosis, elevated cholesterol, glaucoma, hypoglycemia, diabetes, and obesity.

How does it work ?

Chromium picolinate is a complex of chromium and picolinic acid. Picolinic acid is a natural metal chelator formed in the kidney that renders chromium more available for absorption and less likely to be displaced by competitive ions such as copper, iron, manganese and zinc. It is required to build an enzyme that helps to metabolize carbohydrates and regulate blood sugar levels. Deficits of chromium disturb blood sugar levels. Chromium deficiency results in glucose intolerance (reduced tissue sensitivity to glucose). This is characterized by elevated blood sugar and insulin levels. It's key benefit is helping insulin work properly. Persons who consume large proportions of refined foods may be at risk for developing chromium deficiency. Chromium can be depleted by diets containing refined sugars, white flour products and by lack of exercise.Antacids such as calcium carbonate reduce chromium absorption.Chromium is a critical component of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF) enzyme which is an insulin co-factor.. GTF works by helping to bind insulin to insulin receptors on cells. This improves insulin's ability to transport amino acids and glucose inside cells for energy production and tissue growth, repair and regeneration. GTF thus is an important of both carbohydrate and fat metabolism. If muscle and organ cells are more sensitive to insulin they will do a better job of using the available glucose for work energy.

Chromium also affects cholesterol metabolism in the liver and strengthens heart and skeletal muscle.Chromium is essential for the synthesis of fatty acids. Thus it affects cholesterol metabolism in the liver. Total serum cholesterol is lowered in sugar-fed rats when given chromium supplements.The liver manufactures extra LDL ("bad cholesterol") wnen sugar metabolism is impaired. Serum HDL levels are raised by chromium supplementation.Chromium supplements (all common supplement forms) produce small (unless chromium levels are initially low) but relevent reductions in serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels, even for non-diabetic individuals. For instance, a typical change might be -10% total cholesterol, -10% triglycerides, +2% HDL. Obviously this is a complex system and there are additional factors at work besides chromium. Natural supplement sources include trivalent forms such as chromium picolinate and are all extremely safe with no significant adverse side effects or toxicity reactions reported.

How much can I take safely?

Scientific studies of chromium supplementation in humans yield questionable results if the amounts uses are less than 400 mcg/day or if the study lasts less than 4-6 months.Richard Anderson, a chromium expert with the USDA says, "Compared to zinc or iron or any other mineral, chromium is the safest of all. I have worked with chromium all my life, and I defend the nutritional value of chromium supplements. More than 50 percent of the population has a marginal or worse chromium deficiency." He reports that in studies where chromium picolinate was administered at levels as much as 2 grams, no toxicity was found. That calculates out to the equivalent of 50 bottles of 100 400 mcg tablets. Chromium is at least partially "used up" in processing carbohydrates and is excreted mostly through the kidneys. Body concentrations of chromium generally decline with age.It appears that we should get about 200 mcg/day in our diet. This amount seems to be adequate to maintain health but is not enough to produce a change in lean body mass to fat ratio. Supplementation recommendations for therapeutic purposes range from 400-1000 mcg/day. The moderately obese and athletes seem to get the most benefit from chromium supplements.

Chromium Picolinate is a key component not only of a weight loss regimine but an essential part of an effective general health program. It is one of many quality vitamin and mineral supplements offered by Country Doc MD.

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